as we continue to make advances in technology we do not fully understand,

it is time to learn how to tend to our state of mind, define our values, & determine our ethical boundaries.

Some facts are chilling. Consider this one: the quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first. It is chilling because its implications are enormous. The critical takeaway is that there is nothing — nothing — more important in developing organizational effectiveness than ensuring that people think for themselves with rigor, imagination, and courage. Every day, in every meeting, and in every interaction.

We don’t really make much with our hands anymore. But we are starting to create products and solutions we don’t fully understand (yet). Now more than ever, we need to learn skills to actively tend to our state of mind, identify our values, and determine our ethical boundaries as we interview relationships with results for greater impact.

Christine helps clients take responsibility for their own learning.