I help the HIGHLY talented and creative take responsibility for their own learning & increase engagement with their work.

Christine works 1:1 and in groups to give busy employees practical tools to incorporate reflective skills into their day that increase the quality of their thinking.  When your managers and leaders make reflection part of their everyday work, they increase focus, awareness, resilience and impact. 

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1:1 TRANSFORMATIONal learning

Leaders of teams and organizations are expected to communicate the territory (purpose, vision, and goals) to their stakeholders and partners, as well as outline opportunities and challenges; build commitment, relationships and facilitate interactions that result in high-performing teams; producing results and outcomes through the direct efforts of others as well as their own.

One-on-one coaching is a collaborative, supportive process that helps leaders work through challenges so they can transform their learning into bottom line results for the organization.

Contact me if you’d like to work individually to increase your effectiveness and achieve results.

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Participants gain practical learning tools they can immediately apply in their own environments. Increase employees’ awareness of how they go about their work, improve their skills through more effective conversations.

Contact me if you’d like an outside facilitator to visit your group.

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I collaborate with organizations like yours to build leadership development and change management programs aligned with your organization’s vision, mission and goals. Rooted in research, the skills and systems that underlie effective change are simple and practical.

Contact me if you’d like a consultant to work with your team.


Whether you are looking for 1:1 or group development, this is not about standardized learning where you come to be entertained, or get pumped up, and then everything falls by the wayside when you go back home because you can't relate them to own situation. Those are a waste of time and money.

Real learning is about changing how you think about thinking and therefore how you move through life. And since thinking is personalized, so is this work. It’s about how you do what you do, how you see what you see, and how you interpret what you experience.

This work is geared toward smart, curious, and cognitively diverse people who are always looking to improve and make a difference professionally and personally.

  • Learn to see the world differently

  • Cultivate relationships of caliber

  • Study models of success and failure

  • Practice new-found skills through activities

  • Become open to the perpetual changes in the world

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