Christine has centered her professional career on helping organizations, teams and individuals grow their capabilities with this cycle of team building in mind.

We build a strong human-centered connection with colleagues and then focus on building a strong foundation of compassion, shared language, and capability so we can successfully navigate the constantly changing human system around us.

From the human-centered foundation we have built we make sense of the information we gather and line them up with the skills within the organization. We take a look at where we are and where we wish to go from a growth perspective. Together we determine our objectives, plan for immediate next steps and layout our future making sure to evaluate along the journey.

Next we practice our skills, bringing our best selves to the team, as we work on the objectives in tight collaboration. We allow time to see the impact of our actions, journeying back to ensure strong human-centered connections if necessary, and cycling between synthesis and growth to figure out how we need to adjust our course and where we need to deepen our skills.

Cycling through those three distinct phases we help people evolve their capabilities – bringing the whole of our humanity into the core of professional interactions. Through this journey team members learn to tell their stories in new and interesting ways and thereby transform the way they engage with and deeply satisfy both customers and colleagues.

To have a deeper conversation about all the extraordinary things we might create and do together, contact me! I'd love to have a conversation with you.