What they said.




“It’s time for me to run a bigger piece of the business.” Promotion.

OVERVIEW: Coached senior leader at a technology company on how to improve peer relationships and reputation within the organization, demonstrate abilities to collaborate with senior managers across departments, and manage direct reports effectively.

RESULT: General Manager 30% increase in management assessment scores, increased trust across team, healthier partnership with executive peer group, and successfully transitioned to new role as Vice President.

"I enjoyed the coaching time with Christine. Her line of questioning challenged me to think deeply about my reactions and my thought processes. I learned a great deal about applying certain principles from her, and enjoyed our sessions."


"I'm told I need better people skills before I can make COO." Executive Presence.

OVERVIEW: In-depth assessment yielded a natural tendency to have extremely high standards for self and others, resulting in micro-managing and poor peer relationships. Coached senior leader on how to redirect unproductive communication style; be more attuned and responsive to senior management, peers and directs; develop positive influence skills with peers; and, become more strategic in focus.

OUTCOME: Development plan focused on delegation, stress resilience, and trigger management. The leader made a conscious effort to develop new habits of asking input from others before offering opinions, adopted stress management strategies, and explored competing commitments. Senior Director increased effectiveness, built stronger team, and is planning transition to COO role.

"Christine provided great insight into areas of growth and what's driving some of my challenges."


“Now that my boss is gone I have to prove myself all over again.” Visibility.

OVERVIEW: Coached senior leader to manage reputation through written and verbal communication and enhancing leadership and personal effectiveness. Specific attention to personal triggers and self-awareness.

OUTCOME: Increased visibility and influence within the organization during management changeover, greater personal effectiveness within in peer group and well positioned for the next level of management.

"Christine holds a great balance between encouragement and directly saying what needs to be said. I always felt uplifted by her and recognized the core competencies in practice. I loved learning from that. She's warm, funny and caring and holds the ideal mix for coaching situations. She has a great use of outside ideas and visuals to promote insight and learning such as YouTube videos, humor, metaphors. It was easy to 'get' her points."


"I need to gain greater clarity on my (personal) long term goals while maintaining focus on short term execution." Vision.

OVERVIEW: Coached leader on basic psychological and philosophical principles that can be used as building blocks for interpersonal effectiveness. 

OUTCOME: Increased visibility and influence within the organization during management changeover, greater personal effectiveness within in peer group and well positioned for the next level of management.

"Principles we reviewed helped me enormously, primarily to give me a moment to think through how I am responding to others, rather than being sucked into the vortex of emotion that often accompanies difficult interactions. Using dialectic has helped me in interactions with directs, especially when they are looking for a solution to a problem, which in the past, I would have jumped to, rather than guiding them to do so themselves."


"I need more budget to expand my program; my manager doesn’t appreciate my skills.” Influence. 

OVERVIEW: Emphasized principles of self-awareness, intra- and interpersonal communication. Increased creativity in considering multiple possibilities contributing to expansive dialog and richer stakeholder management. 

OUTCOME: Awarded increase in budget and ownership of expanding program. Increased interpersonal effectiveness with manager and skip level manager. 

"Christine's style is solution-focused and as a result,  she is able to get to the root of the issue at hand quickly and clarify the goal. With her, I gained clarity in my vision and developed steps to achieve it. Christine offered tools to help me navigate through the process of expressing my needs in a way that empowered me."

Vice President, eBay


Senior Director, Providence


Director, Boeing


Director, Microsoft


Administrator, New York City Department of Education