Leadership Coaching, Fast Track

Leadership Coaching, Fast Track

from 700.00

Fees include the initial on-site client session, staff interviews, report analysis, and debriefing with client and later sponsor. 

Typically, fees are split 50/50 between the initial engagement and a final payment at the half way point. The first payment is due before the consulting engagement begins and the remainder at the beginning of the fourth month will be invoiced. At the end of the sixth month any other fees are billed including group or additional individual coaching sessions that have been added.                                                                                               

Milestone 1                                    $700.00 payable at contract onset

Milestone 2                                    $700.00 payable at Milestone 2 (assessment)


If you choose to add a few additional coaching sessions, they would be payable prior to each session, at $175/hour.

Includes initial client session (setting goals), phone coaching and supplemental support such as research and homework development. 

Should you elect to conclude the series between the milestones, the initial payment is non-refundable. If you or your coach elect to conclude the series, notice must be provided with fifteen (15) days written notice to cancel the engagement before the next session.

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