Skills have a “half-life” - it's 5 years, and quickly shortening

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As technology and automation continue to change the meaning of work and the skills required of the workforce, our education systems need to adapt and require action and support from governments.

Key Findings:

  • Job skills are becoming outdated more rapidly, lasting only 1 to 5 years.

  • Given the unknown nature of future jobs and their job skill requirements, soft skills are the durable skills of the future.

  • Durable skills are increasingly valued by employers for resilient and adaptable employees who can operate in a global economy.

Christine Haskell, PHD has built her practice on credible, published research and data. In the Research Series, you’ll find highlights, shareable statistics, and links to the full source material.

GOOD HUMANING: There is freedom in examination

Photo by  Susanne Schwarz

Be fearless about knowing yourself.

Understand how you move toward freedom and toward suffering. This kind of self knowledge can give you freedom from getting hooked by the same people, the same behaviors that amount to little more than self-centered thoughts and emotions. They hook us because we expected something different.

/This post-series is about trying to anchor my experience by exploring within and reminding myself about what it means to practice “good humaning.” It’s about moving forward imperfectly. To follow this thread in my posts, look for these tags: #NotesFromMyYogaJournal