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After inadvertently deleting my blog of ten years—yes, it happens—I'm thrilled that you’re here. I'll be posting news, updates, announcements, circulars and pamphlets on this sub-page, alerting you to what’s new.In the meantime, though, I encourage you to subscribe. [If you’re already subscribed to my blog, no need to do it again, but if you’re not sure, go for it, because you’ll only get one email a day either way.]

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Yes, my blog is plain on purpose. You’ll see this is a common theme for me: striving for no more than I need to communicate a basic idea. Sometimes I achieve that goal, sometimes I don’t. But that is the point of my blog, a place to practice thinking and writing.I don’t use a lot of social-media-Instagram-like garnish. I like looking at it when others do it, but it’s not my strength.Sometimes I’ll find the perfect image to help express the point I’m trying to make, sometimes I just serve the vegetables. I post frequently because this is where I practice my writing.  There are several posts a day, varying in length. So if you sign up to my feed, know that. This isn’t the place to look for a monthly digest. More about the blog here.

Me in 10 seconds

Throughout my career, I have been at the nexus of technology and innovation, at every stage in a company’s growth cycle. I have developed first-generation products (Yahoo!, RealNetworks) and lead division-wide, global programs (Microsoft, Starbucks) in both startup and established software, internet, and software-as-a-service companies.As a trained social scientist, I observe patterns and make connections between behaviors and goals. I am known for blending directness with humor and compassion. Elevating organizational capabilities and supporting systems differentiates my work. I achieve consistent results by emphasizing real business creativity in the use of systems, defining a clear and compelling ROI, and by helping both leaders and stakeholders integrate and evolve business processes. See more detail here.INTJ, aspirational (i.e., frustrated) minimalist, avid gardenista, a lapsed yogi, and a very fast thinker. I love finding the counterpoint in a discussion or idea.

East Coast native, honorary West Coast native. I now live in Seattle.

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