Christine will happily come to your business or organization and train your team. Prior to the training, you can expect her to communicate with you in great depth to identify your specific goals and learn more about your specific audience. The training she typically develops can range from 2 hours to 2 days depending on content.

Christine’s primary research has focused on how we learn and develop mastery. Her primary training is designed to help organizations become more intrepreneurial. In order to succeed in the new economy, it is imperative that we start to create our future rather than react to it. That goes for individuals as well as organizations.

A perception of Overwork, Fear of Failure & System Constraints are primary barriers to doing our best work. If we continue the way we operate, we will be in a rut. Counter that with by learning to:

  • SEE the world around you with greater awareness, how to understand the opportunities in front of you.
  • MAKE good decisions. We don’t make as many things anymore, but we do make a lot of decisions, and they matter.
  • TELL stories in a way that causes others to take action

“Principles we reviewed helped me enormously, primarily to give me a moment to think through how I am responding to others, rather than being sucked into the vortex of emotion that often accompanies difficult interactions. Using dialectic has helped me in interactions with directs, especially when they are looking for a solution to a problem, which in the past, I would have jumped to, rather than guiding them to do so themselves.” – Director Talent Development, Microsoft


“Christine style is solution-focused and as a result,  she is able to get to the root of the issue at hand quickly and clarify the goal. With her, I gained clarity in my vision and developed steps to achieve it. Christine offered tools to help me navigate through the process of expressing my needs in a way that empowered me.”  – Teacher, New York City Department of Education




Bolder Leader Training™  emphasizes the need to dance with uncertainty as we go about the strategies and tactics of running our organizations.  Our change framework is that change is FIRST an inside job , whether the change we are seeking is small or large, before it can influence those around us.


Dancing with uncertainty is expending the energy to risk some of what you know in order to learn something new. To care enough about learning to fail. When you get in the habit of generating ideas and thinking openly about possibilities, you also learn the art of focusing, discernment, judgment, and rigorous decision-making. The impact is the ability to gain insight about what might and might not work.

Relax your hold on what you think you know and start to embrace projects that just might not work. Seek bold experimentation. The result is abundant opportunity. The key word is abundant; opportunity will be determined by your uniquely creative thinking.

We believe caring enough to fail, like empathy, is a skill that needs to be cultivated. Like any skill, it has to be learned and then practiced before it can be integrated and mastered. Bolder Leader Training helps people, teams, managers, and leaders learn, practice, and master the skill of caring enough to fail.