Simply put, culture develops from how we show up in the smallest of interaction, as well as how behavior is modeled at the top. Culture is “what happens.” Most organizational cultures develop with random energy and artifacts that fail to offer a compelling story for employees to align around. Without this alignment, business strategies plod from one thing to the next, and are likely never to be realized to their potential, if at all.

Culture can make work feel like laying bricks instead of building a cathedral. No organization sets out to want to lay bricks, do they? It’s just something that happens.

Christine believes culture development must happen with focused intention – by everyone. A culture aligned and engaged brings optimal capacity in achieving business results. Cultures aligned and engaged are adept and fluid. The move through change with minimal turbulence. They can actually influence change that drives organizational momentum, and this can not only make them a great place to work, but differentiate them in the market.


  • A needs assessment and strategy development
  • Diagnose gaps
  • Provide change leadership for transformation – strategies and execution
  • Identify organizational values and attributes; build employee value propositions
  • Recommend and build programming and experiences that contribute directly to culture formation
  • Conduct interventions that transform thinking and actions among all team members
  • Align/Execute internal marketing and communication strategy
  • Offer strategies and tactical plans for sustaining a culture engaged and aligned


  • Customer Service
  • Operations Improvement
  • Developing Data-Driven Cultures
  • Quality Improvement
  • Leadership Development

…all involve understanding the big picture and adopting discipline around developing good habits.