Announcing LOOK TO CRAFTSMEN – a serial book for the digital age

logoToday I’m announcing Look To Craftsmen, an unconventional business book that explores the work of ceramicists, stone masons and wood turners alongside that of presidents, entrepreneurs, and consultants.


Because craftsmen know something that top analytic minds still need to learn: how to solve the problems when no predetermined plan, no template, and no quick fix will save the day.

Large-scale crises are compounding. Recessions, natural resources are eroding, education is stuck, and healthcare remains stalled. These systems have a dependence on objective thinking where even the most sophisticated tools miss solutions to the kind of hard-to-grasp problems that craftsmen solve every time they go to work.

Each chapter features a master craftsman that illustrates important lessons about how we learn. These lessons contribute to an overall Navigation System. Our Navigation System directs our learning. Learn how craftsmanship, when allowed to escape studio walls, can help you to achieve powerful capabilities in professions, in organizations, in education—and live everyday life with craft.

But beyond just being an interesting book on a timely topic, I’m also going to be doing a number of unique things in the way I fund, release, and distribute the book.

I’m publishing the book in a serial format—released chapter by chapter—so that I can share my work sooner and get feedback from my community of readers. Each chapter will be released for free and available for a limited time. It will tell the story of one craftsman, how that individual approaches their work, and how that informs how we learn. I’m going to start releasing chapters in late 2016. I’m also going to give readers the opportunity to interact and potentially contribute insights to the final published version of the book, which will be released in multiple formats in the middle of 2017.

Another unique thing about this project is that I’m self-publishing and crowdfunding the book on GoFundMe, with a campaign launching on October. 1.  I’m doing this for two reasons—to further our self-publishing mission and to build a community of readers who are passionate about this topic.

Christine Haskell

I believe that the work you do and how you do it makes a difference. I also like breaking rules, which is why I decided to publish this book in an innovative way.

In the coming months, I’ll talk more about how I plan to involve the community of readers in the process of publishing this book. Check back here for more updates, and follow on Twitter and Facebook.

Are you as excited as I am about democratizing book publishing by involving the audience in a bigger way? If so, I hope you’ll join me on this journey!

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