Christine Haskell, Ph.D. is passionate about change-making and helping others use business as a medium for creativity. She is a consultant, behavioral researcher, and successful strategist based out of Seattle, WA.

The work we choose to labor over is a direct reflection of our worldview, our skills, and our ability to embrace experimentation. This directly impacts an organization’s ability to scale, and also our ability to grow as individuals.

We need to increase our skills for greater effectiveness and impact. We need to tackle topics like innovation & growth from a behavioral lens in addition to growth measures. Businesses work toward goals such as adoption, retention, and increased sales. Behavioral goals represent changes in the way people act—changes that can be observed and measured. This includes changes in cognition or emotion, too.

Christine has worked in both startups and Fortune 500s. She has spent over 15 years in management roles at Northwest companies including Yahoo!, RealNetworksMicrosoft, and Starbucks. She has lead local and global change teams and projects with a range of leaders, from CEOs, to senior vice presidents, directors, and senior managers. Christine specializes in working with strategic, developing, and high potential leaders on individual purpose/vision and how it applies to organization growth and scale.

She completed her Master’s of Applied Behavioral Science and Doctorate in Organizational Systems and Sustainability.

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Christine Haskell is the creator of Bolder Leader Training – required training for leaders looking to level up and lead.

Beyond toolkits is the need to establish a learning practice. Problems are best solved by those with proximity to the particulars and the ability to improvise, not by those following the rulebooks. Our ability to empathize and adopt another worldview gives us great ingenuity potency in providing unique solutions.

Christine’s research of values-driven leadership and how master craftsmen learn are both pending publication. She is currently working on two books Look To Craftsmen and Doing Is The New Leading, for publication by the end of 2018. Her research has informed both her consulting and her development of the training program, a 90-day, online, peer learning intensive for high-performing individuals who want to increase their skills and lead positive change. The Science



  • Most Valuable to Minimum Viable: Is that ok? We have tackled the easy stuff. What we haven’t tackled, or we tackled it early on and lost, is why we are meeting our same basic needs through the medium of technology.
  • The wasteful scam of sorting people: Stop Wasting Talent.  When you’re starting out after college, and throughout the rest of your career, a single skill rises above all the others when it comes to hiring and promotion: Leadership.
  • Doing is the new leading. The work we do matters. Our inability to embrace the emotional labor of learning, I am persuaded, is one of the greatest threats facing our society today. Investing (and betting) that post-crisis innovation is the primary turning point for an entire sector limits us considerably.

    Learning to dance with uncertainty is the wisest investment we can make in our future.

Christine helps businesses use organizational psychology to research and envision unseen opportunities.


The work matters. Make it meaningful.